Prioritization Results


The Kent County Board of Commissioners held a work session on October 14, 2022 to consider the eligible community and internal proposals. Specifically, the Commissioners conducted a prioritization exercise and assigned a value between 1 and 5 to each eligible proposal.

This was not a voting or decision-making exercise. Rather, the information obtained from the exercise helped inform the development of the ARPA funding spending plan. While the results of this exercise were important, they were not the sole consideration in the development of the plan.

In the spirit of transparency, the results of the prioritization exercise are posted below. As you review the results, please consider the following:

  • Commissioner Bulkowski was absent due to a long-standing family commitment.
  • Commissioner Wooden abstained on ranking Project 5, Community Land Trust.
  • Commissioner Bolter abstained on rankings for Project 153 and Project 211.
  • The results correlate to the proposal catalog chapters.
  • The results were pulled directly from the TurningPoint Solutions (echo 360) software, with no manipulation of data or report format. 
  • Chapters 19-26, Workforce Development, Question 42, Franklin 415 Project, this project was ranked under Affordable Housing.