Funding Categories

The Board of Commissioners developed five key areas for its ARPA funds:

Community Health

Investing in new and existing mental and physical health programs for the community such as mental health crisis support and removing lead from homes.

Quality of Life

Long-term quality of life improvements for our community such as parks and riverfront enhancements, and family and visitor entertainment attractions.


Investments in the infrastructure of Kent County and its future such as broadband internet, stormwater flooding mitigation (drains), and county-wide mobility.

Economic Innovations and Workforce Development

Investments in the future of Kent County’s economy to provide a thriving, innovative and sustainable business climate and skilled workforce that addresses industry demands in the long-term, such as workforce training and food licensing fee waivers.

Improving Government Operations

Investing in Kent County government operations, such as facility improvement and new technology, to address the growing needs of the community and to improve customer service.

Featured Projects

Knapp’s Corner Drain Project

Knapp’s Corner Drain Project

Thanks to ARPA funding, the drain project will be upgraded to pump the storm water runoff into a secondary detention basin that has an outlet. The water will then slowly soak into the ground and contaminants will be filtered out through the soil before water is released into the Grand River.

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Broadband Initiative Consultant Support

Broadband Initiative Consultant Support

A consultant will complete an analysis of access to broadband countywide and provide best practices and recommendations for broadband installation projects, models for partnering with local units and providers to fund projects and monitoring evolving broadband technology.

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