Community Engagement Dashboard

ARPA Funding Group Ranking and Community Ideas Survey
Final Results as of July 17, 2021 User Guide 

Data Dashboard User Guide

Thank you for visiting the Kent County American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) website and for your involvement in this process. Kent County has developed this dashboard to act as a tool to share data, increase transparency, and comply with federal mandates of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Understanding Dashboard Results

The Community Engagement Dashboard outlines the final results of Kent County’s “Funding Group Ranking and Community Ideas Survey” that opened May 20, 2022, and closed July 1, 2022. Three pages were created to organize the survey data:

  • Summary: The Summary page includes the high-level survey results outlining the community’s ranking of priorities, response rates, and emerging themes from community ideas. Community Health emerged as respondents’ top priority.
  • Priorities: The Priorities page includes a detailed analysis of respondents’ funding group ranking, including the definitions for each funding group and a bar graph to outline the composition of rankings for an entire funding group.
  • Ideas: The Ideas page shares all of the submitted ideas. Select an idea from the list to view more details, including a brief description, date submitted, location, and the ARPA funding group alignment identified by the submitter.

How to use this dashboard

Each dashboard page shows the results for all respondents upon opening the page. View subsets of the total results using filters for location, race/ethnicity, age, education, and income.  Use the five drop-down boxes at the top of the page to filter the results. 


A few submissions were edited or removed that contained profane, defamatory, or harassing language; promoted or perpetuated discrimination; or compromised the safety or security of the public or public systems.

Frequently Asked Dashboard Questions

How will this data be used?

The data will provide information for decision making about uses of the county’s ARPA funds.

What is the difference between Funding Groups and Emerging Themes?
Kent County identified five funding groups for ARPA funds. These funding groups broadly align with the U.S. Treasury's eligible funding categories, while being reframed to best serve the Kent County community. Emerging themes are more specific to each idea. Submitted ideas were categorized by keywords that outline discovered themes based on word repetition with the intent to better understand the overall narrative of residents’ opinions.
Does this survey show all the submissions Kent County received?

This dashboard shows 99.9% of the submissions received. Due to the online disclaimer policy outlined above, Kent County removed 3 idea responses and removed harmful/offensive language from 9 idea responses.

What does “Respondent Did Not Answer” mean in the drop-down lists?

“Respondent Did Not Answer” represents the group of survey respondents that did not provide an answer to that specific question. 

What happens next?

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